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10 Tips How to Become Professional Teachers

Try to perform in front of the class excellently. Master the correct lesson which will be given to student. If necessary, when speaking in front of them, do not open notes or textbook altogether. Speak clearly and smoothly to amaze in the hearts of students that we really know all the problems of the material which are being presented.

Be wise. Realize that the student we teach, has different intelligence level. They could be fast learners, average or slow learners. If we have this awareness, then it is likely we weill have a high patience to accommodate the question of our student. Look for simple ways to explain to student who have low skill level with simple example are often encountered in everyday life even though those examples might be a bit silly.

Try to always be cheerful in front of the class. Do not bring the problems that are not fun from home or from other places into the classroom when we started and are teaching.

Control your emotions. Do not easily get angry in class and do not easily offended by the behavior of students. Remember we are teaching students or teenagers who are still very unstable in their emotion. We teach student who come from different regions and cultures that may differ from one another and different from our habits. Angry in the class would create a bad atmosphere, students become tense. This will affect the reasoning power of student to receive course materials that we provide.

Trying to answer every question asked of students. Do not insult student who are too often asked. Trying to answer every question asked students well. If at any time there are questions from atudents who are nor prepared to answer, be honest. Promise to be able to answer correctly on another occasion while we seek these answers. Do not feel ashamed because of this. Remember that as humans we have limitations. But try something like this do not happen too often. To avoid incidents like this, try to read a lot and learn more. Never tired of learning. Do not cover up our weaknesses with how to get angry when a child asked to make the kids do not dare to ask again. If students do not dare to ask, do not axpect education or teaching process we will succeed.

Having a sense of shame and fear. To become a good teacher, then a teacher must have this trait. In this case, shame is ashamed to do snything wrong, while fear is fear from the consequenses of wrong-doing that we do. By having these two properties, each deed we do we will be more easily controlled and reconsidered  whether to continue or not.

Must be able to accept this life as they are. In this country many slogans glorifying the teach proffesion but in fact this country has not been able to / want to improve the life of a teacher's life. We have to accept this reality, do not compare our hand-earned indome from the indome of other people / employees of other agencies or countries like Japan, USA or Europe. Trying to live simply and if still not sufficient to look for other lawful avocation, which do not hurt yourself. Do not wrong gossip of others, remember the Proverb "Barking dogs bajaj passed"

Do not brag (sombong) in front of students / do not be proud of yourself, both when being taught of are in other neighborhoods. Do not scoff students who are not good in class and do not humiliate students 9that one though) in front of crowds. However, students who are guilty, call and talk nicely, do not speak rude words to the students.

Be fair. try to be fair in giving the assessment to students. Do not disriminate students who are good or capable and student who are less intelligent or less able and also not excessively praise to students who are good in front of students who are less intelligent.

To become a proffesional teacher requires a lot of struggle and practice and perseverance and also make a note the following things above when you rally want to be called a proffesional teacher.

Good luck, hopelly useful...

Writer : Drs. Eko Adri Wahyudiono, Dipl. TEFL
Mahardika Magazine of SMASA 54th Edition
(Majalah Harapan Remaja Dinamis Kreatif dan Aktif)

(The writer is an English language teacher and Japanese language teacher. He got his undergraduate degree in 1990 and Diploma in Teaching English as Foreign Language, Nagasaki University, Japan, in 2000)

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