Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

When God Create Our Country INDONESIA

  Guys, do you ever think? Why, a country like Indonesia, a country with such a rich nature, have to so much trouble and disaster? Here I am, gonna try to answer it with a single story.

  One day when God smiling proudly, admired a planet he already made. The Angel asking him "what are you making sir?" "Look by yourself, I have making a blue planet named Earth," say God, and put some cloud above Amazon Rain Forest. Then he continued, "This will be an amazing planet I ever made. In this new planet, everything so stabile".

  Then God explain to the angel about Europe country. In north Europe, God made some land with so many opportunity like England, Scotland and French, but on that land, there's also cold temperature that can freeze your bone.

  In the south Europe, God make the people living there not as rich as the north people, like Spain and Portugal, but some land wrapped by warmth of sun and some exotics place in Gibraltar Port.

  At last, angel asking about the island and said, "What was that territory sir?". "Ouu, that one," said him. "That was Indonesia. A very rich country and beeautiful in Earth. There's a thousand animal and plant I create there. It's also have so many fresh fish in the sea, and all of them is ready for consume, a stabile rain and sunshine. I told the people to be kind, helpful and have colorful society. Thet're a hard work, live simple and wise." Feel strange, the angel make a grudge". "Ah, but you said before every country have it own stability. But this country, Indonesia, always have good thing. Where the stability?"

  God answer it :

  "Wait, hold your grudge on until you see the idiots I put in the goverment". (Tunggu sampai Saya manaruh idiot-idiot di pemerintahannya)

  Nah guys, I'm sure now you understand the reason of our country problem : The idiots in the goverment.

The solution : Let's study more and get rush on those stupid people !!

By : Mahardika SMASA Edisi 55
(Majalan Harapan Remaja Dinamis Kreatif dan Aktif)

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