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DON'T Always Looking Backward..

  The sun continues to move westward. Looks Andre's breakfast with her father. And mama is busy for Preparing breakfast Andre. "How? ready? "asked papa Andre. "Ready pa, but I excited too," said Andre frankly. Seeing a bit anxious Andre, Andre's mother approached. "Take it easy, if the game has started, you must not forget your feeling nervous." Mama said. "Yes ma but, three consecutive years of this I always lose, always Roger who received first prize in this race" complained Andre. "Do you know if you would be able dre". Said her father by giving encouragement.

          After finishing breakfast, Andre said goodbye to go to school. "Dre, do not forget to close the door yes!, Then papa and mama will come to your school to see your match"! Says Dad. Andre was forced to retreat a few steps and closed the door of the house. Andre was indeed a bad habit, always forget to shut the door.

          In the field, Mr. Bram Andre gym teacher is waiting. Andre looked at Roger's tall with long legs, who was warming up along with other participants. Participants 100m race this time is quite a lot. But Roger was the only serious rival Andre. "Relax, you practice diligently kamukan sure you can win" Mr. Bram said. Let's hope so thought Andre. Meanwhile, the audience began to arrive. Most school children who want to watch a friend compete. Andre's parents arrived at school andre. The game that day will determine the school who will be sent to the provincial level.

          Finally the match was even at the start. Andre heart pounding moment. He took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. "I certainly can, I can". He told himself. Whistle is blown. Andre knelt with other participants. A few seconds later, all participants had to run fast. Kekutan Andre and Roger look balanced spacing them so close. Andre took a deep breath. Then exerting all his strength and shot past Roger. The audience waited in suspense.

          The finish line is visible in front of Andre's eyes. Andre smiled. He started thinking, "where Roger?". Andre curious and turn round. That's when Roger shot past. Roger is now leading the way. Andre started to panic. Andre tried to exert more effort and concentration. But recently Andre exertion, the audience was cheering with delight. Roger has nencapai the finish line. Andre followed just three seconds later. Andre threw himself on the sidelines. Tears in his eyes.

Soon her father came over to Andre for providing drinking water to Andre. "Papa said you think will win the game". says Dad. "I was wrong, pa. I could not resist my desire to turn round. consequently be a bit slow, I'm sorry pa "Andre said. So "do not always turn round. Close doors behind you when out of the house "says Dad. "Oh papa! What a relationship closed the door with this game? "Lamented Andre." Papa do not always see the point of failure in the past, so no action menggagu what you do next ". Said her father.

Justify Andre said her father said. He promised himself to always close the door behind failures in order to move forward in peace.


Title: Do not always turn round
Leaders: 1. Andre
            2. Roger
            3. Papa Andre
                                         4. Andre Mama
                                         5. Mr. Bram
Character: 1. Andre: Ambitious, spirit
                                         2. Roger: Giat, the spirit
                                         3. Papa Andre: encouragement, either
                                         4. Andre Mama: encouragement, either
                                         5. Mr. Bram: encouragement
Background place: Andre House, the field school
Background time: Morning
Background mood: Sad
Flow: Forward
Angle of view: third person
Do not always see the failures in the past so as not to interfere with steps
to do next

Works: Peny Puspayanti
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