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Eternal Love

  Once there was a woman, her hair long, shining eyes, oval face depicting his face is beautiful. With a step full of hope and faith that flows in his veins, the spirit that spurs heart, the love which filled the lungs that makes it still survive today.

                  Memory recalls the past with blank stares, his mind filled with wishful thinking, as if coated vacillation fight against time. Memories remaining three years ago. When he saw the cheerful seven-month-old baby playing in the backyard of the natural nuances of the white house. Dibimbingnya patiently to stand up, reach up the latent, though not pronounced orally. Sweet words out of her red lips, made her believe there will be no obstacles in front of the blocking rate expectations.

                  It was four o'clock in the afternoon when a handsome man, tall well-built, neat hair, and use the suit he wore after coming home from work at the office. Welcome by his beloved wife with great affection. Interview and Eny are a couple who had a son named Rio, and will increase again a member of his family who are still in the womb of nature, inhabiting the womb of his mother during the last two months.

                  The days of family underway with calm, peaceful, and serene. Always devoted time to mingle and complement each other like a pair of shoes that go together, which is not useful anymore when one of them disappears. Until came a time, the days are burned into the memory sheet of life, slowly fading, buffeted by turbid water to remove the memory of the past, eliminating the colorful life, eliminating the hope that buried deep in the deepest.
Eny's pale face made Wawan worry. Especially the last few days his body was weak, growing thinner, and high fever. Henry immediately took him to the hospital. Two nurses bring Eny into a room to see a doctor, while Henry waited anxiously in the lobby living room. Sometimes unspoken prayer on his lips, accompanied the footsteps of his wife.

After a long wait, a doctor came over to Henry. Her eyes hint of sadness. The doctor whispered something in Henry's ear, and somehow after the hearing, the two men walked together to a room within a few blocks from the living room which was later known was Henry's doctor.

Interview and the doctor's Day, there was clear from the carving board bearing the name of dr. Day Wicaksono, Sp.KK, sitting opposite each other in a square wooden table is brown.

"Previously, I'm sorry, sir. I am very sorry to say, but it's important to be informed. I am your wife diagnosed with AIDS, I doubt he can survive more than four years. Hopefully you were given the fortitude to live it, "said the doctor.

Hearing the verdict doctor's Day, Henry's ear like a thunderbolt, his head as if showered with stones so that nothing else can think of, besides the fate of his wife's gentle, loving and affection, fate, and fate of his future. No more place for him to blame the circumstances, he could do was resigned to accept all destiny. How could his beloved wife suffering from AIDS-related, while other men would never be. Henry himself does not suffer from similar diseases. Eny which he knew was a loyal and caring person, good at pleasing her husband and children.

Later known to Henry, his wife contracted AIDS because of blood donations. First, Eny have an accident resulting in severe bleeding that forced him to become a recipient. Whether due to negligence of nurses at the time, donated blood for HIV-infected Eny.

A few months after Eny know ferociously illness, who are ready to cut his life alive, he asked for a divorce to her husband for not longer able to live only as parasites that one day her husband or her child may be infected, although they still love and need Eny. With forced, Henry took off in love with his wife, while Rio is the responsibility of his father.

                  After swallowing two bitter reality, was sentenced to suffer from AIDS and parted with his family, Eny have a miscarriage due to severe depression it should bear. Fetus left it to God.

                  A few months living with the misery, no one who cares for him, because that's what he hoped, make Eny feeling tortured. He intends to change his life. Parasite removal assumption too far. Gradually she began to smile, the tempestuous spirit filled the chest. Eny now back as it once was.

                  Eny became chairman of the Anti AIDS activists, excite others who suffered and prevent before anyone else suffer like him. Because in his mind, he believes that hope is still there, as long as people still feel the need, still feel wanted.

It never felt tired by it to hold the event socialization of AIDS prevention that attacks the immune, not too ashamed to tell her his life experience, he just hopes others can learn from him, not to regret later. Eny like a candle that illuminates, though his own fragile and melted. He did not know what the numbers will reach his age, except the Creator Who Wills, that was what spurred to make the most of time left for life is still contained in the body. All he knew was, that the eternal love flows to people who love him, man's longing for its existence. Not thinking about what bad things will happen next year.

Intrinsic element of the short story "Love Eternal":

· Themes : Journey of Life

· Title: Love is Eternal

· People and disposition:
Eny: Patience, loving, gentle, passionate
Interview: Love what is, patient, steadfast, sincere
Doctor: Attention

· Flow: Mixed
· Point of view: third person

· Style Language: Hyperbole

· Background place: Eny House and Henry, the hospital

· Background of time: past, one day, morning, noon and night

· Background mood: Happy, calm, tense, melancholy, sad

· Mandate: Life is God's creation, as well as time. Live a life according to conscience, before the time of ending all hope. Skip any act with caution, because there is no useful later regret.

By : Tunggul Wicaksono
X2 / 30
Animated and translate by :

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