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Willing for His

  This morning dew still wet the window of my room after a heavy rain which flushed the area around my house. "Vany ... hurry up already noon, tidakk school!" Cries my mother who kept calling out my name was left off. This body felt heavy to get out of bed after a night working on the task of Mrs. Aini school physics teacher in high school 1 IMAGE NATION. New 10 minutes later I got out of the room with no enthusiasm for me to the bathroom and prepare everything. Whether what's on my mind, until I feel there is something uncomfortable about my heart. Maybe I thought the same guy Niko ever fill my heart, but now he has abandoned me when I was in love with him. "Never mind that Van you do not need thinking about Niko again, he's gone from your life." I told myself.

  30 minutes later I arrived at school. "Van, why are you still pouting just really like this morning?" Said Rani sebangkuku friend and also as a friend. "Hmm .. not why-why how Ran, I just again badmood alone."

"You have a problem yes Van, dong the same story I know who I could help you?"

"No matter why Ran, Maybe I'm tired semaleman wrote me the task of physics." I said simply. I'm still reluctant to Rani same story, because I do not want to make Rani went along with dizziness problems thinkers. I just paused and kept thinking about Niko. I do not know why I kept thinking about Niko, initially I was used after this life alone, but after last night I was able to telephone from the Andre theme and said that if Niko Niko has a new girlfriend again, maybe it was that kept me thinking about Niko. Home from school until the bell fell silent and I still do not like usual.

 * Next day *
     "What's wrong with you Van kok gini now so quiet? You do crewet usual? "The same question that came from Rani every morning to me. "Niko Ran .." I immediately just as Rani story than I harbored all of this. "Why is Niko? You revert to him Van? "

"Feedback? On the contrary Ran, Niko now I've got a replacement, after he ninggalin me because he thinks I'm not understanding him, I was always angry at him, yes he was too busy obviously Ran the same college. "

"Patience Van .. yes indeed who the hell is Niko's girlfriend now?" Said Rani.

"That he was Ran who made me rich in spirit not Look, you know I still love it the same Niko, and I also do not know who her boyfriend she is now. I know this is just from Andre. "I replied.

"Uh yes I'm sorry Van to the toilet for a while, later diterusin again." Rani said with a rush to the toilet. Suddenly Rani's cell phone was left on the table vibrates, and has received a message from the Son who is equipped with a contact number as well. But .. all of a sudden I was stunned after seeing the contact number is none other than the contact number of Niko, I know the correct contact number Niko but I still wonder why Rani save it with the name of the Son? I asked myself. I do not dare open that message and I was back in its original position, I would direct the same menanyakannnya Rani. but until the bell rang home from school I have not had time to ask Promised that the Rani.

     Until the next day I was full of big question marks about it, and I had to ask the same Rani. The sidelines of hours rest I try to bring myself to ask Rani. "Ran I could not ask something? But you must answer honestly for the sake of our friendship. "

"Ask what Van .. I must answer honestly?"

"Emmm .. I'm sorry yes Ran yesterday I accidentally see your phone when you go to the toilet, I see there is a message from the Son, but why do not I open the message, which I want to ask just who the hell you are the Son Ran?" I asked a little nervous

"Oh it's nothing really Van, Van Son is my boyfriend so sorry I have not had time to ngenalin him with you. Van Son same so what? "

"Ran your boyfriend? But you believe that the Son? "I replied spontaneously.

"Yes son Van, Van is what's going?" Said Rani surprised

"But it was obviously Niko Ran contact numbers?"

"Niko? Niko's first boyfriend? Van Son is not he that is not Niko. "Objected Rani

"Do not tell me his full name Saputra Niko Ran?"

"Loh it's Van Son's full name?"

  My heart was powerless after hearing statements from the Rani. We are equally puzzled by this situation. It turns out Niko's girlfriend is now my best friend Rani. Rani also did not know that the Son is Niko.Kita both do not know, and we both love the same person. At first I accepted this heavy but for the sake of my friendship with Rani I'm willing if now belongs to Rani Niko. However, in the end Rani prefer to willingly leave Niko and maintain our friendship.

Intrinsic Elements

· Theme: Romance

· Title: Real For Him

Background place: - rooms
                             - School
                             - Class

Background Atmosphere: Pathetic

 Time Background: In the morning

Figure: - Vany
           - Rani
           - Niko / Son
Character :
- Vany:
Good, faithful, those who give up on love for the sake of friendship

- Rani:
Good, faithful, those who give up on love for the sake of friendship

- Niko / Son: Join the bandwagon

 Flow: Flow Forward

Angle of view: first person

In this life there must be a choice, so choose that choice carefully not to regret at a later date.

Ervina Endyasari (12 / X.2)
Animated and translated by: www.faktakita.com

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