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A Small Story

As usual, every morning when she reached the school image sitting alone in front of the class. The boy wearing school uniform and her hair was tied two to sit down with a little swing and swing your legs softly humming a cheerful face.

Suddenly a small child's age came with her mom delivered, Citra not know him. "That's definitely the new kid", he thought to himself.
 "What mom really did not want to accompany me here? Just for today only ... ", Whining voice of a girl next door. "I'm sorry dear mama, mama can not accompany you on the first day of your new school".
State of silence for a while until finally the sound of footsteps, "she left now, yes, you keep yourself well, immediately find friends and fit in at school. Daaa .. ", said the girl's mother. Further Citra frowned. "Whether the mother was not concerned with her daughter who had just entered school?"
Seconds later, the image of the girl was heard crying. "Do not cry anymore", Citra that do not bear to hear the cries of his new friend. Long-haired pretty boy image was surprised to hear that from the beginning was sitting not far from the place, suddenly spoke to him. He immediately straightened in his seat and wiped away her tears. "You're the new kid right? ", Asked Citra sure. The boy stared at the image of sarcastically and then change back to the position of her body image. "Hey where you moving from school?", Asked again trying to familiarize image. There was no response at all, the child was seated without regard to image a lot of talking. Seeing the cold response from his new friend, Citra did not feel upset. Instead, he was more curious. The same curiosity that makes bold rose from his seat and approached the girl's seat.
"My name's image, your name?" The image of his hand so he was in front of him. But the response he gets is still the same. The boy did not return a helping hand image.
The image took a deep breath and smiled sweetly. "I image. You? "He repeated the words of introduction.
A few moments later, slowly but surely, the child was then shifted back a helping hand image carefully and mention his name in a low voice barely audible, "Viola".
The two children were sitting together talking. Initially the image is always looking to talk, while Viola answered every question with a brief. But, after a few moments with Viola's look began familiarizing himself with the image.
Enter any bell rang. Image into separate classes with a waiting Viola teachers, to learn in the classroom where she will be placed.
Soon a teacher came in with Viola to the Image class. The image is very pleased to be classmates with Viola. So did Viola. Moreover, they sit together.
Recess was sounded. "Come on, I take you around the school!", Said the image of the spirit. His new friend's hand and then pulled out of their class. "You want invites me where Cit? ', Viola asked, looking at his wrist is held strongly by the image. The image just smiled sweetly at Viola.
"I want nunjukkin place I liked most in this school", said image while stepping Viola followed that runs quietly behind him.
The two boys stopped her footsteps in a park. Small garden filled with shady trees, and some types of flowers bordering the park. Viola looked at the image that stood beside her, "This park is located quite hidden. Rarely do students who come here, because of its distance from the class ". "You come here often?", Said Viola. Mengagguk image. "Every day", he said, sitting cross-legged on the grass with Viola, who sat beside him. "I really like this place, quiet, comfortable and beautiful", continued pulling image painting tools. "You can paint?", Said Viola. "A little. My painting is still ugly. "
The image began to write with a pencil on a blank paper before him. Viola image to see the finished painting before. "I like painting, let alone this one," Viola said while showing a page with a picture with the theme of friendship in the image.
"I also liked the picture", responsive image. "Why?", Said Viola. "Because I want a companion who is always with me, especially if located in this park," said Citra. Viola looked at Citra. Then he said, "I want to be your friend, I also want to accompany you in this park, or even in other places. Because you are so kind to me and I could feel was my heart, "Citra surprised to hear words of Viola. "Which finger kelingkingmu?", Viola asked, holding out a finger keligkingnya to Citra. The image also welcome.
They promised to always be together and maintain their friendship.

Intrinsic elements

Title: A Little Story
Themes: Friendship.

Character and disposition
Citra: Cheers, brave, understanding, energetic, good.
Viola: Shy, a little spoiled, well, attention.
Viola's Mama: Good heart.

Flow: Flow forward.
Angle of view: third person.

Background places
In front of the class.
In the classroom.
In the park.
Background time: In the morning.

Mandate: Always there for friends. We share for a friend. We can, if the joint.

By : Taufiqi Agmalina
X2 / 30
Animated and Tranlated by :

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