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A Small Letter ..

   As a child I had a true friend. Friend who always accompany me when sad or happy. He was named Blue, his face is very beautiful. Long-haired little curls underneath. He also has a dimple in his cheek, so when she looks very sweet smile.

          At that, I still class 4 and Blue Elementary School. We come home every day to go to school together. Do homework together. Go to the cafeteria together. Everywhere always together. Can be likened to a twin brother that could not be separated.

          One day after school, and Blue I deliberately went to a field to take shelter under a tree. Since the day it's really hot. Feeling the sun directly above the head. Sipping coconut ice suddenly Blue said "No, what if we each write a letter. That looks like what we are at the age of 20 years later, the letter then we enter into the bottle then the bottle under the tree we planted this let us remember our friendship when older. But before we have an appointment there should not open this letter before we both turned 20 years later. The same place, same hour we meet here to open this letter. Promise? "" Well I agree. Promise! "I replied. Then I wrote letters and Blue's. Blue does not know the letter I wrote. Likewise with me, I also do not know what was written by Blue.

          The incident was passed. Now I and Blue was a junior high class. One day my father suddenly moved to Bandung task. It makes me have to relocate as well, and automatically I also had to leave the blue my friend over the years. So sad I accept this reality. But how else would. I have malanjutkan my life.

          Days are not waiting for came. My family and I'm ready to go from this village. Place full of memories with Blue. I cried when saying goodbye to the Blue. It did not want to leave. Before I go Blue told me "No, you do not ever forget it me yes. Always remember me in your heart, yes! ". The message was always remembered to this day.

          Now my life has been even 20 years. Some days are days that I've been waiting for several years. Days are already kusepakati to open the letter. I accidentally came to town for a few days before that date.

          Arriving there I just headed home Blue. But there is only Mbok. I think what Blue and her family were away. Once seated I immediately ask Mbok.

"Mbok, really very quiet Quote others on where?"
"Um ... ehmm anu den"
"Anu how to mbok? Confuse wrote. "
"Se .. see .. actually at the hospital all the den "
"Like the sick who mbok?"
"It is better den Anga there alone"
"Actually, who the hell mbok the sick, so curious."
"There was den alone. Mbok love this address. "
"Well mbok, yes I go first"

          After receiving a small paper containing the address of the hospital. I went straight to hospital in the paper. Soon I will arrive the hospital. Immediately, I went to a room that was told earlier Mbok. After a few minutes of searching, finally the room was met. I also knocked on the door and slowly opened the door of the room. I was very surprised, it was Blue who was lying on the bed. The head was covered with long hair who is now gone. His head became bald. Once sliced ​​the heart to see it.

          I approached him. "You're sick what Ru? Why not say-as I said, "I asked. "I'm sorry Ngga yes." She said with tears in his eyes. I can not say anything more. I immediately left the room and spilled all my tears. I could not see the blue like this. Without realizing it Eny mama Auntie Blue already had been right behind me. He immediately hugged me. As he wept he said: "You must keep the blue until the end. Blue disease Ngga end-stage brain cancer. "I can not say anything more I cried and collapsed floor. The day was filled with tears for me.

          Every day I continue to care for Blue weakened condition. Once when I was at home Blue for taking purposes. Hpku suddenly sounded, no telephone from Tante Eny. Because Eny aunt crying so it is not so clear what was said .. There must be something going on I thought. I immediately closed the phone and rushed to the hospital again.

          It was true what I think. In the room I saw the Blue had gone to bed leaving the people she cares. I also could not stem the tears. I willingly accept his departure. Maybe this was the best way. He must be happy there. There is a slight feeling of happiness because I was able to keep it in his last days.
          Blue looked at after the funeral that day. I realized that day was I waiting for years. I immediately headed to the field that I used with the Blue writes the letter. I arrived there right at the dijanjjikan as it once was. I quickly dug a hole under the tree and found a bottle that I had planted along the Blue. Blue letter I opened the bottle. I cried again when I read the letter written by Blue.

"It's my dream when I was 20 years later. As my name was 'Blue' I want to fly freely through the blue sky diangkasa with memories and dreams. Apart from this mortal world. And happy in a different world there. In the seventh heaven. "His dream is really happening. He was already in place that he wanted all along.

          Now back to my days as usual after his departure. Even now his body tlah nothing but love and unfortunately always exist. Saved my room closely.

Intrinsic Elements of Story

v Theme: Friendship
v Title: Letter Small
v Background Venue: Field, Home Anga, Blue Houses, Hospitals
v Background Time: Morning, Afternoon
v Background Atmosphere: Proud, Happy, Sad, Haru
v Figures & disposition:
Ø Anga: Attention, affectionate, loyal
Ø Blue: Attention, affectionate, loyal
Ø Tante Eny: Compassionate, Attention
Ø The mbok: Attention
v Flow: Forward-backward
v Message:
Ø friend is a friend who always mangajarkan us many things.
Ø We are taught to be resilient to undergo the trials of God.
Ø We must believe that we all will eventually die.
Always sincere with trials given by God.

By: Rizki Fitria Ramadhani
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